Monday, September 12, 2011

White & dark chocolate, pecan, & cranberry oatmeal cookies

The name is long but  needed to include all of the goodness of this cookie into the title! The other night before Dan and I sat down to watch discovery channel with our teas I decided that I should make cookies! I found a great oatmeal cookie recipe and I added all of the yumminess that I could find in our cupboard to the cookies. Also, I had just bought a new cookie scooper and I was super excited to try it out! I brought a plate of these cookies to our youth group and everyone LOVED them! They were all eaten up! I hope you guys enjoy this recipe as well!
Here is the link to the basic oatmeal cookies recipe:
It's a good recipe! I know I have been ad for giving you guys links..but it is so much easier to give you guys the link directly than to re-type it all. Also its nice to give credit to the person who made the recipe rather than myself who just copied it! haha
For this recipe I cut up peices of dark chocolate and also come white chocolate. I added about a handful of craisins to the recipe as well.

Cookie factory!
 Who doesn't love cookies!
 Happy monday everyone!

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