Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Newest Pinterest Finds

Okay, okay.. I love pinterest! & from the looks of my pinterest "following" page, my friends do as well. I think it is a great way for friends (& the world) to share the things they find & love. A BIG problem with pinterest in my opinion is that people can waste SO much time on there without actually doing anything that they found! I will be honest that red velvet brownie recipe that I found has still yet to be made.. but I have full intentions of making it at some point in my life. & that dress design that I found will maybe, possibly, one day be used...haha. I know that we are all guilty of pinning things that we find cool & fun, but we would never actually do or use...and that is totally okay!
But this post is dedicated to some cool recipes that I found/shared on pinterest & now I want to share them with you guys.

As you can tell..the jar is already half eaten!
This is the most wonderful peanut butter ever.
You can find it on Avery cooks blog!
Homemade Roasted Honey Peanut Butter

All you do is grind up roasted honey peanuts & voila...awesome peanut butter.
It's probably not the healthiest of all peanut butters, but it tastes pretty darn good. Next batch of nut butter I make, I will just use roasted peanuts instead of them being sweetened!

Dan and I made this dish for dindins one night & we loved it! I love everything roasted..and with HONEY, even better.
springtime honey garlic roast chicken skillet.

Okay, one more pinterest fav.
Thai crunch chicken salad

I even made this thai sauce and put it on noodles with veggies. YUM!

Okay well I better get back to pinning! ;)


Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Harvest {{Garden}}

Look at my little pumpkin! How cute is he? Yes, my pumpkin is male. :)
We have the cutest little pumpkin patch in our garden. We have about 7 little pumpkins. This was our second year having a garden, but the first year we didn't plant very much. It has been a fun learning process. With me gone for a month and a half to Toronto, Dan is definitely the one who took care of the garden. Although, I am the one who has been cooking non-stop with fresh veggies! Seeing as this is only my second garden, I am still in "awe" of how amazing our own fresh veggies are. There is just something more delicious about eating something that you grew yourself. So here is a little collection of pictures of our harvest!
See how cute they are? 
We had a LOT of beans and carrots. I didn't take many pictures of them, but here are a few pics of what's left of them!
This ziploc was full earlier this week! The ziploc was what was left of our harvest.
 Eatin loads of carrots that's for sure!
We even pickled some carrots!

 Last of our green onions...
Cooked up some little onions in garlic & red wine! YES PLEASE!

Here are some of our canned goods :)

Pickles! Made with some of our own garden cucks! We didn't have many big cucumbers, hopefully next year will be better!
Lastly, Parsley. We have been putting parsley in everything! I am trying to dry the parsley & I am wondering which way is best. I have about half of my parsley hanging & half drying in the oven on 200F. I will see how they turn out. What do you do to dry your parsley?

I just wanted to share all of the happiness of my garden with you!  
If you have a garden, what are the yummy things you grow?

ta ta for now.


Sweet & Salty Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin! Oh yes, pumpkin. I love everything pumpkin! Have I said that before?
Here is my latest pumpkin recipe!
I wanted to make something a little different from the normal lightly salted pumpkin seeds. So here we go!
I found a recipe online & I slightly modified it, of course.
Unfortunately, my picture doesn't look quite like the one they have on their website. Mine are a lot darker. They are darker yes, I think they taste marvellous!

What to do?

  • take 2 cups of pumpkin seeds( Mine were from a large pumpkin, or you could use 2 medium size pumpkins) and BAKE them at 300F for 50 to 60 minutes.

  • Once they have baked for an hour take them out and cover them with 2 tbsps of butter or margarine, 1 tbsp of brown sugar, 1 tbsp white sugar, 1/2 tsp of ground cinnamon, 1/2 tsp salt
  • BAKE your seasoned seeds for an additional 10- 15 mins at 350F
  • ENJOY!