Sunday, September 4, 2011

Orange Cranberry Dark Chocolate Muffins

These are WONDERFUL! I am slowly mastering the perfect muffin...and this one is coming close! With Dan coming home and my friend Kelly visiting I wanted the kitchen stocked with yummy homemade goodies! Its funny that even after an 8 hour shift in the restaurant I STILL want to be in the kitchen. I just really enjoy baking...It always puts me in a good mood! ( unless something goes terribly wrong...which it does sometimes..haha)
Okay I was looking for a cranberry orange muffin recipe online and I came accross a recipe on the food network. I will just share the link with you because I really didn't change anything. Here it is..

Of course...for anyone who knows me i had to add one thing. Chocolate! Hahha. I bought a bar of dark chocolate, broke it up and added it to the batter. Definately worth it.
I hope youenjoy these muffins as much as we did!


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