Monday, December 5, 2011

Cupcakes for Two

Saturday night after a long day of working around the house, and eating our big bowls of fettuccine alfredo we wanted a coffee and a dessert. I was feeling some cake. There are only TWO of us and if I made a cake or a dozen cupcakes we would eat much more then we should...Then I would also have a cake and cupcakes to figure out what to do with. SO I typed in cupcakes for two on google and this blog popped up! It's the first one that shows up..I didn't do much searching around because this recipe sounded good to me. One bowl..and 12 minutes. Sounds good to me! haha. Here is the link to the recipe..
I found my cupcakes took longer then she said...but it is probably just my oven.
I wanted to share this because I felt like its a great dessert idea! You can spice it up however you would like! I always have things in our freezer so I took out some chocolate I had in there...some strawberries and some cream cheese icing I had leftover from the red velvet cupcakes. Here is what I did with our cupcakes!
I microwaved the chocolate just a big and added some of the cream cheese icing to it to make a chocolate filling. I cut the cupcakes in half and filled them. :)
Next I warmed up the frozen strawberries, then drained most of the liquid out (we dont want the icing toooooo runny.) Then I added the icing the the strawberries. I poured it ontop and then we had a decedent piece of cake. mmmmmmm.

Enjoy a cupcake with your love..or friend!
Before this post is done I would like to take a second to show you what made us want to eat a bowl of fetuccine and cupcakes on saturday night! Check out the shelves Dan built for our basement! We finally have a super organized basement! I am super proud of him!

Happy Monday guys! xo -Britt

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