Thursday, November 24, 2011

Red Velvet Cupcakes Again

I made some yummy red velvet cupcakes awhile back on my blog, and I wanted to show you some pictures of the second time I made them! While I was visiting my parents in Ontario I was blessed to be able to see some of my closest friends! A good friend of mine came to stay with me at my parents place for a night and we decided to make these lovely red (deep pink?) cupcakes! I have decided to share these photos on my blog because I am MUCH happier with how these ones turned out :) haha If you read the other post about these cupcakes you will see that I burnt them... :( So maybe these pictures will encourgae you to make them scrumptious cupcakes! mmmm. With cream cheese icing of course!

mmm look good right?
try them out!


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